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Eyelid Aesthetic

What is eyelid lift (blepharoplasty)?

Eyelid aesthetic surgical procedure is the surgical procedure of the lower or upper eyelids, which usually occur due to aging (it can occur at an early age due to genetics, trauma and infection), such as bagging, increased wrinkles, drooping upper lids and eyebrows, bags and lines on the lower lids.

What is the recovery process of eyelid aesthetics?
As with all surgical aesthetic procedures

The scars formed after the operation can be placed within the natural line structures on the eyelid and their invisibility can be achieved. In addition, it is necessary to stay away from excessive movements and strenuous activities during the recovery phase after the operation.


The healing process is seen between 10 and 14 days. This process may vary depending on the patient’s condition. It is seen that the recovery period may be extended for one more month in some patients after eyelid aesthetics.

It is normal for patients to have bruising after these operations and is completely temporary. You can now see the effects with the passing of bruising and mild pain.

If you are very uncomfortable, you should know that you can apply cold press during the healing process. You can also apply the cream that your doctor recommends for you. Especially in this process, you should not be exposed to direct sunlight. That’s why you need to use black sunglasses.

After the surgery, patients can reach the desired result by paying attention to the doctor’s instructions. Thus, the new face shape that emerges as a result of the eye procedures of the person begins to emerge. The patient sees himself/herself younger and rested in the mirror.


Is there an age limit to have eyelid aesthetics?

For eyelid aesthetic surgery, which is the most frequently performed aesthetic surgery, patients must be of a certain age and above. Generally, we can say that it is suitable for patients after the age of 40 to 45.


However, patients may benefit from these treatments at an early stage depending on some conditions. In some of us, the problem of drooping eyelids is congenital and it is necessary to intervene earlier.


Living conditions, living conditions of patients make them look older than they are. In such cases, eyelid surgery should be performed at an earlier stage.

Environmental and genetic factors, primarily old age, are important in determining the time for this operation. In addition, depending on these variables, eyelid aesthetic methods and techniques can be performed at an earlier stage in patients.

In the operation performed in eyelid aesthetics, the incisions opened are placed in the upper eyelid folds and become invisible. These surgical aesthetic operations are performed and the incision is opened and the incisions are closed after the removal of excess tissue, skin and fat, and the operation is completed.

By making the incision coincide with the eyelid folds by the specialist performing the surgical application, the general appearance problems of the patient are prevented and the visibility of the incision scars is lost.

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