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After Rhinoplasty

After Rhinoplasty After Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty, also known as rhinoplasty, is aesthetic surgery performed when the nose is not satisfied with its structure, shape and size, or when it is accompanied by injuries and respiratory distress. With the developments in medicine, we see that the success…
13 Jan, 2023
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Arthroscope What is an Arthroscope? Arthroscopy, which is used in the diagnosis and treatment of problems in joints such as the knee, hand or ankle, shoulder, elbow, hip and hand, allows the joints to be examined more closely and more clearly with a small camera…
10 Jan, 2023
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Endoscopic Gastric Balloon

Endoscopic Gastric Balloon It is true that obesity, which is the biggest problem of recent years and one of the most important problems, brings with it many diseases that shorten the life span of the person.   In the past, a lifestyle change was offered…
09 Jan, 2023
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