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What is a Swallowable gastric balloon (ellipse)?

This procedure is very easy, and the swallowable gastric balloon is a procedure used in the treatment of obesity. It is a technique performed by swallowing the capsule with a glass of water without requiring surgical and interventional procedures. The balloon that settles in the stomach creates a feeling of fullness and slows down the rate of passage of food from the stomach, reducing the level of appetite.

ellipseAfter the balloon is placed in the stomach, the process begins and aesthetic benefit is achieved with a noticeable weight loss along with the diet.

While a standard gastric balloon is placed in the stomach with an endoscopic procedure that requires anesthesia, the pill balloon opens spontaneously after swallowing and performs its function. In addition, the gastric balloon, which is in capsule form before swallowing, is easily swallowed with water.

The balloon covers a large area of the stomach and provides a feeling of fullness after eating a small amount of food.

Is there an advantage to a swallowable gastric balloon?

Ease of self-localization into the stomach without the need for anesthesia and surgery
Since it completes its function functionally, it is excreted spontaneously from the body through feces.
Since it does not require surgical and interventional procedures, there is no need for hospitalization.
The complication rate is extremely low.

ellipseWho is suitable for Elipse (swallowable gastric balloon)?

If the body mass index (BMI) is over 27, a swallowable gastric balloon is evaluated to help with long-term weight loss. It is preferred to be applied to overweight people between the ages of 18-65. In addition, swallowable gastric balloon, which is safer to prevent other problems such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, is preferred as a priority. Gastric balloon and other surgical options we know include staying in the hospital. Serious complications can occur because of the recovery period after surgery and the risk level is high.

Who cannot have an Elipse (swallowable gastric balloon)?

such as women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
Those with cancer or gastrointestinal bleeding
Those with swallowing difficulties
In recent years, this practice has been applied to women who had closed surgery and women who gave birth by cesarean section.

What is a swallowable gastric balloon procedure?

The capsule should be swallowed with water by applying it under the control of a gastroenterologist in a 20-minute period in the hospital. After the capsule enters the stomach, it is made by inflating it with 550 ml of water. Thus, the process will be finished when the balloon is opened in the stomach. X-ray control is provided to see if the balloon is properly placed in the stomach. Most people can swallow the balloon without any problems. However, it is possible to help those who have difficulty swallowing the balloon.

gastric balloon chargesSwallowable gastric balloon charges

In the case of swallowable gastric balloon technique, the cost is adjusted according to the center where the procedure will be performed and the doctor who will perform the application

Post-ellipse process

Most people can start their normal life within a day or two. However, some people may experience nausea, abdominal cramps and rarely vomiting after the balloon is placed. It also brings with it problems such as gastritis, ulcers and reflux, albeit very low. These complaints are controlled with standard drugs prescribed by specialist physicians.

How is the nutrition?

After the gastric balloon technique, a liquid-based diet is sufficient for 1-2 days. Afterwards, herbal teas and light tea, yogurt, lactose-free milk and protein-based nutrition can be made.

How to remove a swallowable gastric balloon?

16 weeks after the procedure, a time-activated release valve on the balloon will open and the air in the balloon will disappear. It is excreted through the feces without the need for any removal procedure. However, in very rare cases, endoscopic or surgical intervention can be performed to remove the balloon.

gastric balloon chargesIs the swallowable gastric balloon procedure harmful?

The classical gastric balloon application was started for the first time in the 80s and has been successfully performed until today. Many surgeries and procedures for people’s health have risks. Since the application of a swallowable gastric balloon is not a surgical or interventional procedure, the complications that may occur are minimal. Even after the balloon is swallowed, the probability of bursting is very low.

How much weight is lost with a swallowable gastric balloon?

Studies have shown that an average of 20-50% of excess weight is lost with the help of a swallowable gastric balloon. A swallowable gastric balloon stays in the stomach for up to four months. In this period, it would be correct to lose an average of 7-15% of the weight before the procedure after the application. In the studies conducted, it was investigated that there was weight loss for 12 weeks in people who were applied a gastric balloon. However, diet and exercise with the balloon makes weight loss faster.

After applying a swallowable gastric balloon; Continuous support should be obtained from a dietitian, and an appropriate diet program should be carried out by following the data on weight loss. If there are problems such as diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea, the opinions of specialist physicians should be taken into account.

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