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What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

There are no signs of illness and the person feels tired despite being rested, this indicates chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome is most often confused with fibromyalgia. About chronic fatigue syndrome In fatigue, how well the person sleeps, how he is fed and his stress level are discussed. Also, fatigue is very important.

Only when there is chronic fatigue, this should be taken into account. Feeling tired all the time becomes a problem when it puts the person in the background in social or business life. In addition, if the person is tired of doing the things that he can easily do without getting tired, he should consult a doctor and find out the underlying causes of the discomfort. fatigue should be evaluated.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is the name given to the constant feeling of tiredness that persists for more than 6 months, without any complaints of illness. Activities performed in daily life occur as a result of fatigue and weakness. In chronic fatigue syndrome; fatigue, weakness, muscle networks, constant sleep and insomnia, a feeling of standing tiredness.

There are many causes of chronic fatigue. Fatigue can sometimes be seen as symptoms in serious health problems such as anemia, infections, liver, heart and kidney failures, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, metabolic disorders (hypoglycemia), hormonal problems (hypothyroidism, adrenal gland failure), cancer.

Fatigue and weakness caused by the disease may disappear when the disease is treated. Fatigue happens when it is the result of repetitive and prolonged stress, sleep problems, depression and some other psychological problems. We can name the disease group in which fatigue is most common as anemia.

Because the lack of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen, means that the person feels tired and sluggish. In this case, a specialist doctor examination and necessary examinations may be required. It means that the feeling of fatigue disappears after the anemia is eliminated with the necessary treatment planning. Thyroid diseases: We can say that thyroid diseases, especially hypothyroidism, cause the person to feel very tired.

Diabetes patients, who are also endocrine diseases, also feel tired all the time. These people feel tired, weary and powerless. When sugar levels are high, even their daily lives can be interrupted. Fatigue is one of the most important symptoms of heart failure. We can even say that it is among the earliest signs of heart diseases.

Whether it is valve lesion or cardiovascular diseases, these show fatigue because they prevent the heart from meeting its oxygen needs. Even if the person climbs one flight of stairs, he gets tired, his legs are cut off, and he is out of breath. Infectious diseases that occur in the body for various reasons are also common causes of fatigue. In cases such as kidney failure, liver failure, high calcium and low potassium, decreases in blood salts and minerals in the body can cause fatigue.

You should know that early treatment of these diseases and conditions is very important. Fatigue can also be seen as a symptom of some early oncological diseases. Cancer cells disrupt all body systems of the patient and cause fatigue.

For example, if he has anemia or disrupts nutrition, fatigue occurs. Sleep disorders can be seen as the most important of the most important problems that impair quality of life. Sleep apnea is one of the important causes of fatigue.

Thus, sufficient quality sleep can be gained as a result of fatigue, repetitive and long-term stress, sleep problems, depression and some other psychological problems. Fatigue is possible when it is the result of repetitive and prolonged stress, sleep problems, depression and some other psychological problems. Especially those who cannot sleep feel extremely tired the next day.

This situation is reflected in all activities during the day. Depression, like psychosomatic diseases such as depression, can cause people to feel tired. Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome Among the main symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, there may be a feeling of weakness and fatigue that lasts for more than 6 months and has no medical reason. It happens that the person cannot perform the activities in his daily life as a result of fatigue and weakness. If there are other symptoms accompanying fatigue, such as brain fog, headache, throat, muscle and joint pain, nail breakage, hair loss, restlessness, depression and sleep disturbance, chronic fatigue syndrome may be the cause.

How to diagnose and diagnose?

In order to understand whether the symptoms in chronic fatigue syndrome are caused by another disease, a number of clinical examinations and analyzes are required. The patient’s history is a very important detail in the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, as in all other diseases.

Apart from diseases, sleep disorders and psychological disorders can also cause chronic fatigue syndrome, so it is important to evaluate these possibilities in order to make a correct diagnosis. The diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome should be determined by evaluating with a multidisciplinary team including psychologists, psychiatrists and other related medical branches.

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