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What you need to know about Leg Aesthetics

Gradually increasing weight causes lubrication or deformities in the body due to reasons such as stress or drug use and the effect of estrogen and other hormones. We know that there are places where fat is collected more than the gender difference. For example, this fat is only seen in the belly area in men, while it is seen in the hips and inner thighs of women.

What you need to know about Leg AestheticsWeight gain may vary between men and women

If you have a lot of weight and you have lost these weights, sagging skin occurs throughout the body. Excess skin, especially in the thigh area, is usually seen on the inner leg. Vacuum liposuction or thigh stretching is performed to correct this area. Skin surgeries are usually performed on the inner leg. Leg thinning is performed from any area around the thigh.

But you should know that the application is usually performed from the inner part of the thigh in order to hide the scar. Better results occur when the method is applied together with liposuction.

If there is a smaller amount of fat to thin the leg, whole leg liposuction is applied. It is necessary to use energy systems in order to achieve a better result of the fat removal process. If there is excess fat in the area, Vaser liposuction is correct for the procedure. In addition, laser liposuction devices that help melt fat and tighten the skin will also increase the success of the surgery, thus reducing the post-operative skin recovery process.

What you need to know about Leg AestheticsIf we list the procedures applied for the lower legs;

Surgical reduction of the gastrocnemius muscle on the back of the leg can also be performed before the leg reduction surgery.Botox is performed intramuscularly for people who do not benefit from liposuction or do not want to have a surgical procedure. In particular, these procedures are operations performed to reduce the lower leg area.

In addition, if we list the procedures that can be done in people with orthopedic problems such as deformities in the legs, deformities and oval leg structure;

Fat injections can be made to the deformed area by taking fat from the abdomen or a different region. Weak people may have different augmentation procedures to fill the problem area. Injectable implants, similar to conventional hyaluronic acid fillers but available in 100 cc packages, are being evaluated. The amount of injection is given according to the needs of the patient and you can have the desired image for about ten years.

Silicone implants can be placed inside or on the sides of the calf area for long-term shape correction. In implants where the procedure is performed, a small incision is made in the application area and the place where the implant will be applied is created. The implant, which has been rehearsed before, is placed in this area. Calf implants specially produced for the leg area or cuttable silicone blocks may be preferred. You can usually get a natural result after silicone applications. However, fat injections can be made during or after the same procedure to make the transition between the implant and the muscle more uncertain.

How is leg aesthetics performed?

The preop procedure is completed and the patient’s examination procedures are completed.

Anesthesia procedures are performed. Heart and lung functions are evaluated. If the patient is suitable for the procedure, the stage of deciding on the day of surgery is completed.

During the liposuction procedure, a liquid containing pain reliever and anti-swelling is given to the patient. Thus, patients do not feel too much pain after the operation. After the operation, the person is hospitalized for only one day. When the implant is placed, a drain is placed to prevent bleeding under the skin. The drain only collects the blood inside, minimizing the risk of bleeding in the area.

The drain used after the operation collects the blood inside and prevents the risk of bleeding in the area. With drained leg and hip prostheses, it may take up to a week for the person to return to his daily life. However, there is no such a residence time in fat injection. In liposuction, the application is carried out by entering through small holes of a few millimeters without the need for stitches.

You should know that there is no such residence time in oil injection processes. In liposuction, the application is performed by entering through small holes of a few millimeters. It never requires stitches. Generally, we see that the patient continues his daily life by wearing his corset for three weeks.

Permanence process in leg fat injection

Since the fat prepared for the leg fat injection operation is taken from the patient himself, it is never seen that the body develops a reaction. and you should know that it is permanent.

Permanence in leg fat injection

Since the fats prepared for the fat injection to the leg are taken from the patient himself, it is never seen that the body develops a reaction.

You should know that the applied fat injections are absolutely permanent. That is, it cannot be said that it is possible to retain 100% of the fat given to the body. It is seen that only melted fats help to increase the quality of the subcutaneous layer and skin, since it creates a stem cell effect.

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