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What treatment method is night plaque?

What treatment method is night plaque? It is a transparent appliance prepared in the laboratory and usually applied to the upper jaw after measuring the teeth of patients with night plaque clenching complaints. Clenching and grinding of the teeth, especially while sleeping, causes wear on the teeth and tension-type pain in the head and neck muscles. Night plaque reduces these complaints. At the same time, it is seen that it prevents irreversible problems such as wear on the teeth.

What is plaque?

After tooth cleaning, your teeth look shiny and white, but their dull and yellow appearance over time bothers us all. This unpleasant yellowish color comes from plaque, a thin substance made from bacteria. Plaque is a buildup on your teeth that is both above and below your gum line. It may look ugly, but moreover, you should know that if it is not removed, it damages your teeth and gums.

Effective methods of removing plaque

The simplest process to remove plaque is brushing your teeth at least twice a day. It is important to use a soft toothbrush that you change at least every three to four months when the bristles begin to wear out. You can also use an electric toothbrush, which may be more effective at removing plaque than a conventional toothbrush.

Night- Plaque -dentalIn which diseases is night plaque evaluated?

If we summarize the patients who need night plate use;

Individuals with tooth wear due to grinding
Those who notice that their teeth are in contact while watching TV or reading anything during the day
Those with teeth grinding problems during stressful periods
Those who complain of jaw and head/neck pain when they wake up

Are there any benefits of the night plate?

It appears to prevent further damage to the teeth.
It eliminates temporomandibular joint complaints.
By reducing the tension in the chewing muscles, it allows the tissues to get enough blood.

After the evening eating and drinking is completed and the teeth are brushed, the night plaque is placed on the teeth and used instead. Patients who grit their teeth while awake can also use this appliance during the day. It has been observed that there is an increase in teeth clenching habits, especially during periods of extreme stress such as exam periods. During these periods, the night plate can be used during the day.

Night record users

It is said that patients who use night plates reduce the sensitivity in their teeth, they wake up more vigorously in the morning, and the headache and neck pain they feel when they wake up in the morning is reduced.

Is there any night plaque damage?

There is never any harm, you should know that there is no harm in using the night plate.

How is night plaque removal performed?

After the night plaque is removed from the mouth, cleaned with a brush and toothpaste and placed in the box given to you by your doctor, the plaque should be removed and wrapped in a paper napkin and stored somewhere. If he is not careful, the napkin can be thought of as garbage and thrown away. Before putting the plate on, the teeth should be brushed and the plate should be applied on clean teeth.

About the night plate use process

Your doctor determines the duration of night plate use.

Night- Plaque -dentalAre there different types of night plates?

There are different types of appliances used at night, especially the night plate, which consists of a transparent plate, the stabilization splint made when it is desired to open the distance between the jaw joint and its components, and the snoring appliance that opens the airway by positioning the lower jaw in front, which is applied to patients with snoring/sleep apnea.


To prevent plaque and tartar formation

The best way to prevent plaque buildup is to have good dental habits. Brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice a day (importantly, once in the morning and before going to bed) and we recommend flossing at least once a day.

Regular dental checkups are also critical in preventing additional plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth. Your dentist will clean your teeth by scraping them to remove plaque and tartar. In particular, they can also do a fluoride treatment that can prevent and slow the growth of plaque bacteria and the formation of tartar on your teeth. This will help prevent tooth decay.

Things to consider when consuming food

It has been proven by research that chewing gum sweetened with sorbitol or xylitol, especially between meals, can prevent plaque formation. Make sure you don’t chew sugary gum, which encourages bacterial growth on the teeth. Also, eating a healthy diet low in added sugar can stop the growth of bacteria on your teeth. You need to eat plenty of fresh produce, whole grains and lean proteins.



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