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In men, it pays attention to look healthy and young today. Body care and physical properties of the person are important in obtaining this appearance. Cosmetic surgery comes into play in completing the individual’s missing physical features. For example, a smoother nose, a rejuvenated face, more hair, a more shaped body helps the individual with the correction of existing deformities.

Treatment of Breast Growth (Gynecomastia)

The male breast is growing more than normal. Although the growth in the breast tissue is rarely preceded by puberty, it is most commonly occurring after puberty. In patients presenting with breast enlargement, examination and radiological examination are applied if necessary. The causes of gynecomastia are different. Hormone imbalances are the most common cause. Hormone drugs, tumors of endocrine origin, testicular development disorders are other causes of gynecomastia.

Who Can See

During puberty, 9 60-70 mammary gland growth occurs in boys, but this is not very noticeable. The breast disappears within 6 to 18 months and returns to its normal size. Gynecomastia changes are present in 96 to 40 of adult men, this growth may be unilateral or bilateral.

There are three types of gynecomastia: e Glandular use Miksttip e Lipomatöz

While the real mammary gland tissue provides growth in the glandular type, there is an increase in fat tissue in the chest in lipomatous type. In a mixed (mixed) state, there is an increase in breast tissue and an increase in adipose tissue.

Surgical treatment

As the surgical treatment method, liposuction and removal of the mammary gland with a small incision are the most suitable techniques. These treatment methods vary according to the examination findings of the breast.

Good results are obtained with the liposuction method in patients with excessive adipose tissue in breast tissue. In patients with excessive fat tissue and mammary gland, breast tissue should be removed with liposuction. If there is excess skin in addition to the excess of fat and breast tissue, the removal of the fat and breast tissue is removed together in the skin. The corset is applied for 3 weeks after the operation and the patient is called for monthly control.

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