About Us - Yeşilköy Tıp Merkezi


Yeşilköy Medical Center works to prepare a treatment program beyond the expectations of cross-border patients coming to our country with health tourism, and it is aimed to return to their countries in peace. The International Patient Unit has adopted the principle of planning a privileged treatment process for patients coming from abroad, from consultancy services they will receive during and after their travel at home, to diagnosis, treatment, transportation, translation and accommodation arrangements.

Yesilkoy Medical Center believes that everyone should rest first. For this reason, healthcare professionals who are experts in their fields meet with those who apply to the clinic in detail and question their guests’ expectations in many ways. It can make joint decisions with the patient to achieve the most perfect and perfect result. Regardless of the size of the operation to be performed, it tries to inform everyone in detail and can explain the pros and cons comprehensively.

About Us